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About Us

Our programs are designed for leaders and communication professionals in mission-driven organizations who want to turn their ideas into influential and inspiring narratives. 

  • Storytelling for Impact - a 4 week online learning journey where you'll learn how to turn your ideas into influential and inspiring narratives. Develop new and exciting storytelling programs! 
  • StoryLeader Hub- a community of members who are exploring storytelling as way to build community, and drive innovation and change. Events, tools, templates and online support. 

Online via Zoom

Tues, 9-10:30am PST

Course Syllabus

SESSION 1 - Discover Your Story
From Idea to Impact
In this introductory session, we'll dive right into storytelling and explore how to find your core story. What are the ideas that you are trying to get across? What will your story be about and how can you craft it to resonate with your intended audience?

SESSION 2- How to Tell a Story (Part 1)
Connecting Hearts & Minds
Week 2 is an exploration of story structures! We'll start telling stories using narrative arcs, emotional arcs and the 7 Basic Story plots. Learn the principles of storytelling as you practice telling emotionally engaging stories using "The Big Three" technique.

SESSION 3 - Become a StoryLeader

Driving Innovation and Catalyzing Change
In week 3, we explore Storytelling as a Leadership practice. Learn how to recognize "Activation Points" in a story - those emotional turning points that can lead to change. Practice how to balance informaton with emotion, how to hook interest, and how to be motivating and mesmerizing. 

Discovery how to sprinkle creativity and interesting world building into your stories - and come prepared for a story coach to help you jazz up your stories!

SESSION 4 - StoryLeader in Action: How to Tell a Story (Part 2)
Harness the Power of Narratives & Expand Your Impact
Week 4 is a deeper dive into story frameworks, and how you can use them to drive action. How to structure a good "About Us" story or bio. How to tell a Community or Action story (Client Stories, Case Studies, Products/Services, Mission/Vision stories).

We'll look at how stories drive system change, and what you can do to power up your stories to be more action oriented and mission driven. Learn how to create a storytelling organization and inspire dynamic two-way dialogue.

As a thank you for taking this course with us, you will receive one year complementary access to to our StoryLeader Network ($99 value), where we explore ideas and share stories and tactics for becoming leaders in powerful story-driven communication. 

"It's amazing what can happen when you put a story out there."


Thank you to my clients who had the courage, tenacity and passion to dream up new ideas, and share their passions and stories. You are making an impact.

"I’m learning so much from you"

Roslyn Yee, Vibrant Health International, LLC

“I just can’t get over it! It’s amazing every week, going through your outline, reading your book … it’s like you are a master at this stuff! 
The way you lay everything out, and the energy, and the humour, you really know how people want to hear things!

I’m learning so much from you and I love your energy and I love your sense of humour!”

"A Big Hit"

Carol Cram, Capilano University
"Diane’s workshop on “Responding to Opportunities for Innovation” was a big hit at the British Columbia Centre for International Education conference at Simon Fraser University’s Harbour Center. Participants loved her enthusiastic and interactive teaching style."


"Diane shows you how to become a storyteller"

"Before I came to this course I had a story to tell but I wasn't really connected to it. I was more narrating the story and after being here I feel like I've been able to step into my vulnerability and really share my story. Diane shows you how to become a storyteller so I am so excited to go out and share my story"
- Leigh Ann Betts, Business Coach


"Very transformational!"

"This was an amazing experience! Beforehand I had all these pieces of a story, all kinds of stories and I didn't know how to unite them to create a representative signature story and through the exercises and the feedback and everything I was able to hone in on the few specific examples that that made my storytelling really powerful! It was very transformational!"
- Melissa Corley Carter, Epic Life Coach (and Actual Rocket Scientist)

"The final outcome was really powerful"

"Yes I knew my story but the clarity that came and just the weaving of different events with the final outcome was really powerful. If you are wondering what it is you have to say or you feel like you know what you have to say, you don’t know how to say it. Come do this work with Diane. It’s worth it. It will be much clearer."
 - Deborah Roberts, Business Coach

"You are amazing"

"This is phenomenal! You are amazing! You get into my head, and let me be myself. I struggled so hard with this before working with you. You saved me hours and hours of work and frustration!"

- Nicole Kraft, Sexual Esteem Educator & Youth Advocate

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